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The most beautiful locations in Croatia

The beautiful location between the sea and the mountainous inland has made Kvarner a unique jewel of the Adriatic. Fairytale beaches and ancient cultures, picturesque towns and romantic villages where you can perfectly unwind, relax, dream and enjoy your new home. Here, on the northern Adriatic between Istria and Dalmatia, are the oldest and best-known recreation centers in Croatia. And no wonder, because the charming hilly landscape here is an ideal place for an active holiday spent in the middle of forests and vineyards, a region of wide beaches that invite you to swim and relax, or numerous islands that seem to be made for endless pleasures and adventures.
The Istrian peninsula lies in the very heart of Europe and undoubtedly represents one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The perfect Istrian destinations with beautiful brand new pool villas, built to satisfy your every wish, surrounded by a flood of vibrant colors and lush greenery. The harmony of deep forests, beautiful lush meadows and picturesque valleys crowned with hilltops all around. History, tradition, gastronomy and, last but not least, the beautiful indented coast plunging into the turquoise sea will immediately draw you into its magical world.
Dalmatia is characterized by natural diversity. A chain of mountain ranges, beaches, sea shoals and the open sea, wild rapids and calm riverbeds, the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, deep lakes as well as the previously unexplored wealth of underground caves. It is particularly attractive thanks to its unique sea, coast and countless islands, of which there are a total of 1,208. It is these that make the Adriatic coast completely unique. Our offer here consists of beautiful houses standing in the middle of untouched inland nature, directly on the coast or on one of the idyllic islands surrounded by crystal clear sea. Just a few steps from the beach, with a panoramic view of fabulous sunsets over the Adriatic Sea.

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The founders of the agency are Silvija Panuccio and Dean Luić.

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Our mission is to bring quality, exclusivity and luxury to the world.

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