Terms of use

Name: KAISER IMMOBILIEN limited liability company for real estate business

Headquarters: Vlašići 1B, 51410 Veprinac, Croatia

OIB: 03531895466

Email address: info@kaiser-immobilien.hr

Phone: +385 (0) 91 5404 646

KAISER IMMOBILIEN limited liability company for real estate business (hereinafter: KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o.) through its website at the domain https://kaiser-immobilien.hr/ provides the service of offering data on the Internet, advertising on the Internet, an electronic search engine and the possibility of searching data and services transmitted over the electronic network, which mediate access to the network or store the User's data, as well as managing the content of the aforementioned website.

These General Rules regulate the conditions and rules for the use of the specified website by the User. The general business conditions are published in Croatian.

In terms of these General Terms and Conditions, the Service User is any natural person over the age of 18 or a legal entity on whose behalf the website is used by a person over the age of 18.
By using the website, the User confirms that he is familiar with the General Rules and Terms of Use of the website and undertakes to use it exclusively in accordance with the stated rules.

The user of the website uses it in his own name and for his own account and is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the passwords that are necessary when using the website.

KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. undertakes to protect the personal data of all Users of the website, in the manner described in the Declaration on confidentiality of personal data.
For the purpose of technical maintenance or elimination of possible problems during the maintenance of its website, KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. reserves the right to disable the website or access to it, which may result in the interruption of the service for which KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. is not responsible. The user agrees that the use of the website depends on the ability to access the internet, that is, the availability of the network.

KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. reserves the right at any time to change or cancel any business segment, terms of purchase and terms of use of the website, including the method and speed of data transmission.
KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to change any of the provisions listed here and/or the Data Confidentiality Statement, due to legal obligations or business changes.

The user agrees that with each access to the website, he accepts the currently valid General Rules and Terms of Use of the website, as well as the Data Confidentiality Statement, which are published on the same page.
The website is the exclusive property of KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. and the User is prohibited from publishing or transmitting any data through this page that endangers or limits the rights of third parties, that is, implies inappropriate or illegal actions, and in particular that would refer to the violation of the privacy of third parties, offensive or discriminatory content or advertising of third parties.

All data on the site, including the site design and the overall visual identity of KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o., as well as the site content, are the sole property of the same company, and any copying, distribution, transmission, publication, linking or otherwise modifying the site without prior written permission is prohibited. prior express approval of KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o.. Any action contrary to this prohibition is subject to misdemeanor, criminal and/or substantive liability. KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. reserves the right to change, adapt, modify, delete or remove any described content.

KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. is, in the case of any unacceptable behavior of the User when using the website, as well as in the case of non-compliance with these rules, authorized to terminate the business relationship with the User, terminate his user account, including the deletion of the data of that account, as well as to use permitted legal means in order to protection of their rights.

The user is authorized to download, print and save materials from this website exclusively for their own use.
Communication between the User and KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. takes place in writing (e-mail or registered mail), and objections, requests and complaints, as well as responses to them, are submitted within the deadlines prescribed by law, namely the Law on Consumer Protection, the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, the Law on implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, etc.

The website https://kaiser-immobilien.hr/ may contain links to other pages, which are owned and managed by other persons.

KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. does not manage the content and data of those pages, does not make special recommendations for the use of those pages, does not guarantee the truth or is responsible for the content of those pages, products and services. In the case of using third-party websites, the User is recommended to first study the rules on data protection, general terms and conditions and guides for the use of the specific website used. The User is also recommended, regardless of the use of this website, to separately assess the authenticity and risk of using each page whose link is on this website or which contains a notice that it is precisely the page https://kaiser-immobilien.hr/ (including those whose links are delivered via e-mail) and the User uses such a site at his own risk.

Any change related to the protection and confidentiality of data will be published on this website, and depending on the possibility, or appropriateness, the notification of such change will be delivered to the User via e-mail.
Users are advised to regularly check whether there have been updates or changes to the data protection conditions and the consequences of such changes.


KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. may enable the user to communicate via chat, e-mail or other forms of telecommunications. The aforementioned forms of communication can be used exclusively for the purposes of asking questions about the activities and services provided by KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o., for submitting proposals and praise or giving opinions on individual services, and when it comes to communication by electronic mail, for submitting written objections.
KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. will not act on orders and other instructions received via chat, e-mail or other forms of telecommunication that do not allow the identity of the person giving the order to be determined with certainty, nor will they communicate information through these channels of communication that are considered medical and/or business secrets by law.
Telecommunications may not be used or misused for the exchange of messages, photos and video material or audio material of prohibited, immoral, offensive, threatening or political content, which infringe copyright, which contain viruses or other malicious programs or which may otherwise have a negative impact to the operating systems of KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. or other persons.
In the event that the user violates any of the obligations from the previous paragraph of these Terms and Conditions, KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. is authorized to terminate the established telecommunication connection with him immediately and without prior warning.
The user is aware of this and agrees that KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. exchanged messages, video materials, audio materials and other materials may be recorded, stored and used for the purpose of managing the quality of services, resolving user complaints and resolving potential disputes between KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. and user.
Messages that KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. exchanges with the user via e-mail, chat or other forms of telecommunications are confidential in nature and are intended exclusively for the user to whom they were delivered, and the user undertakes not to make them available for inspection or use by third parties or the public without the prior written consent of KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o.


KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. is registered at the Commercial Court in Rijeka, Republic of Croatia and applies the positive legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the applicable EU supranational regulations in the performance of its registered activities.
Any disputes that may arise in connection with the use of this website and these rules and conditions, the parties will try to resolve peacefully, in accordance with the relevant regulations in force in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and in case of impossibility of an amicable solution, the competent court in Rijeka shall have jurisdiction.


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Cookies are small text files that a website saves from the server to your computer or mobile web browser (depending on which device you access the page with), when you visit that website for the first time. After the first visit, every time the web browser requests an identical page from the server, cookies are sent from the user's computer to the server. In this way, the server has the ability to identify and track web browsers. We use the term cookies for all files that collect data in the previously described manner. There are several types of cookies:
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In the event that a certain part of these General Rules and Terms of Use of the website is considered invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity of other parts of the Rules and Terms, which remain in force and have legal effect.
For all questions that may not be regulated by these General Rules and Terms of Use of the website, KAISER IMMOBILIEN d.o.o. directs the Users of its website to contact via e-mail: info@kaiser-immobilien.hr.